The ‘Super Host’ Program of Airbnb Secures $2m Funding

The home rental startup that announced about its new plan to start a Super host program secured $2m funding from DN capital.
Host maker is planning to protest against the uncertainty in the basic service standards across the homes listed in Airbnb by providing Doormans and Housekeepers for hosts.Hostmaker says that this funding system will allow the company to expand its service across other European cities.
The service which got started in July 2014 is now operating in Rome, Barcelona and London provides service for more than 5000 guests per month.
According to the CEO of hostmaker it is uncertain to book a room in Airbnb without knowing what you are going to get by doing that.
The main aim of the hostmakers is to bring up the Airbnb rentals to a quality place like hotels, but it should not lose the uniqueness of the home style experience. Some investors agree with the new mission of Airbnb and are ready to go with it.
Other investors include DSG consumer partners, Avala capital, co-founder of Delivery hero, Middle East Mohit Srivastava and former MD of Airbnb India.
Hostmakers provides two options to the hosts of Airbnb.In the first option the hosts can take linen service and premium style housekeeping. Hostmakers also provide peer to peer service giving the entire room in the hands of the guests.
According to a new research, it is clear that Airbnb is charging their rentals more than the actual price of traditional hotels.

Airbnb Seems to Be a Problem for Athen’s City Council

Parents of Ohio university students and others, who visit Athens, consider Airbnb as one of the great options, but some members of the city council consider it as a problem as its users doesn’t have to follow the safety regulations.
Athens planning commission and council woman expressed their reviews with the bed and breakfast establishments advertised on Airbnb.
Airbnb is a popular website that enables people to find the right place of accommodation when they are out of their home and help people to rent out their houses to earn an extra income.
Athens planning commission member told that all local bed and breakfast systems are using carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Airbnb users need not have to follow those guidelines that push them to have those safety precautions and detectors.
The planning commission had a closer look at the regulation after one apartment owners got the permission to use it as a bed and breakfast.
The planning commission recommends that the bed and breakfasts in the news should be owner occupied houses with that provides breakfast to the guests with no more than 3 guest rooms and the guests should not stay for more than 30 days. A parking place for each guest room is the required one.
Some council members believe that the bed and breakfast system is good for tourism. Some recommendation states that the bed and breakfast system is allowed only in business districts, Uptown Athens.

San Francisco Rejects Restrictions on Airbnb

San Francisco rejected a ballot question that consists of restrictions of user of short term rental websites like Airbnb.
Proposition F prevents residents of San Francisco from putting their apartments for rent more than 75 nights in a year. It also requires renters to file guests and revenue reports with city government and get satisfied with the host of city regulations that are designed for hotels.
Local media described the campaign as the most serious dispute of the initiative on the ballot this year in a city that depends on direct democracy.
55 percent of the voters were against the new regulations with lakhs of votes cast. In this election more number of votes will be for the popular home rental site Airbnb and more number of votes is against an effort designed by the hotel industry that targets the middle class to use home sharing as an economic lifeline.
The campaign conducted for defeating the ballot measure received millions of contributions, where half of them are from Airbnb itself.
The biggest investor for the campaign of ballot initiative is a local union of hotel workers. Thus campaign had some odd incidents. Like activistists who supported the Proposition F passage troubled the San Francisco head quarters of Airbnb with mega phones, brass band and signs.
Opponents of Airbnb might have got struck in the protest and ballot box issue but they experienced a small victory when Airbnb is asked to apologize for posting ads that reveals the amount of money Airbnb adds to the budget of San Francisco.

Home Away Focus on Asia with Travel mob Buyout

One of the Airbnb rival Home away has completely acquired Travel mob, a social networking website for accommodation and home rentals focusing on the Asia pacific region.

The sixty three percent of U.S. Company’s acquisition of Travel mob was its first attack in Asia and now it is proceeding further with its expansion of new 14 websites across Indonesia, China, India, Japan, Korea and various Asian markets. As part of the extension Travelmob has now changed the image of Homeaway with its website directing to the parent companies.

Homeaway which launched in more than 190 countries are operating with forty websites in 22 languages was slow during its launch, but it is increasing its service in Asia.

Homeaway claims that it started its investment since 2011and now it encounters high rate of success and got many experienced people to work in the field with its purchase of Travel mob. It is expected to increase its level of investment further to provide the best home selection and high quality services to travelers in Asia.

Travel mob had its exit with Jungle venture, a Singapore based venture capital firm, recently launched its second round of investment. As part of the full buyout the business founding teams split up. Airbnb has listing of two million properties which serves as reason to win over Home Away.

Travel mob’s CTO will continue to stay in Singapore and become the vice president of Home Away in Asia, but the Travel mob former president is leaving the business to launch a new startup.

The rise in hotel rates is benefitting Airbnb

There are many traditional hotels, private hotels and other hotel services in Boston, Seattle and San Francisco. The hotel rates are gradually increasing every day, thanks to America’s brilliant economy! Sorry about the obvious sarcasm, can’t really help it! But, on a serious note, the hotel rates have become as fancy as the rates of flight tickets. The “fancy” hotel rates have given an extra space for Airbnb to grow stronger and wider.

Lately, Airbnb, the San Francisco based company has been way too generous to its users. It provides many options to the travelers such as apartments, luxurious hotels, humongous villas, and even a freaking castle, how awesome is that? People make money off their apartments and even spare rooms and it is all because of the sharing economy, Airbnb! The company also does feel good campaigns across the globe, and it’s not for the publicity, or maybe?! But it is known for many horror stories or otherwise called as controversies. Many critics say the company is not very safe when it comes to home renting services.

Airbnb is a potential threat to many traditional hotels out there and it is slowly taking down them. Many private hotels have been shut down due to the economic crisis and the business travelers started preferring Airbnb to costly traditional hotels. Also, the company promises to offer services that give the “homely feels” to the business travelers. The rates of hotels and apartments under Airbnb are cheaper than private hotel. With all these advantages, it is very evident that people would prefer Airbnb to any other service!

Airbnb Has High Demand in UAE

Airbnb, a home sharing company provides the facility for tourists to find the accommodation for cheap rates. The company is growing by extending its services in more than 34000 cities across the world. Try to compete with Airbnb using Renters script Airbnb has got its credits with many of its features like to offer exchange card system and many more. It is expected that there will be a rise in the company’s night bookings.

Airbnb is considered to be a rival for other hotels as it undercut its price and it is evident that Dubai is getting high demand for Airbnb. At Dubai rate of home varies from 20 to 2000 dollars per night, while the rate of hotel rooms ranges from 100 to 10000 dollars per night. So obviously a number of people prefer Airbnb, as they consider it as cost efficient.

In the UAE, it has 2000 properties, where most of them were under Dubai listing. It is extending further with an increase of 93 percent in the number of listings.

Most of the hotels in Dubai are competing with Airbnb, as it provides low cost for its rentals. Some say that Airbnb cannot be compared with hotels as both have different products and market.

Last year March Dubai had only 1008 listings which are assumed to be less than 2 percent of emirates hotels.

In Dubai, letting a home for a short period without the house owner’s license is considered to be illegal. Anyone who likes to seek a property as a holiday place must be licensed by Department of tourism and commerce marketing.

Airbnb‘s ignorance on dreadful

Airbnb, the best hotel distribution channel has had a lot of success stories and controversies as well. Brian Chesky has even planned to extend the service to many cities across the globe. The company has listings of 190 countries for its users, majority of them are holidaymakers. Recently, people have accused Airbnb of not protecting them from serious scams.

According to many sources, many Airbnb users from the United Kingdom have been defrauded via the British arm rental website. Jane Jones has nearly lost £5,000 by falling prey to the trap and accused Airbnb for being ignorant during the entire scene. There are many victims whose cases are worst than Jane’s, but the company did not step up regarding the issue. However, the victims say they proceeded to the next step only after receiving the confirmation mail from Airbnb. According to the critics, the company is least bothered about its user’s safety and security. They even say Airbnb is an ordinary company that focuses more on people’s money. The company’s CEO tried to clear the speculations but the explanation was not very convincing.

People want the company to sue the fraudsters and avoid money transactions to third party accounts in future. According to Airbnb’s spokesperson, the company has provided every source to educate its users regarding the fraudulent services and ensure it is safer in the future. Hope Airbnb clears all the allegations and comes back stronger to provide service to its dedicated users from the United Kingdom

Tips to host your space on Airbnb

Are you social?

If you think you are social, this is the best way to meet people and connect with them that can last beyond the Airbnb experience. It will be quite interesting to spend time with guests, making arrangements and coordinate with them.

Do you have time?

Hosting Airbnb seems to be safe but more time is involved in that process. There are certain points to remember before you commit hosting. First of all, you need to set a better profile where the photos really matter. The next thing is to find a spare room which is neat and clean and finally, you need to lock your valuable stuffs for your own safety.

Understand your guests:

It is good to understand a guest before starting your hosting. You can do it by reviewing their profile, reading the comments from their previous hosts. There is a chance to get request from new Airbnb users where you need to do your own research to understand completely about the guests.

Communicate with guests:

Communication is necessary to get to know about the potential guests. Don’t forget to check your profile, emails and messages. Guests may rate you with the time you taking to respond for their emails.

Welcome your guests:

You can welcome the guests by chocolates, gift cards, and bottle of wine and even by handwritten notes which some guests may expect.

Check out Tax laws:

Set up your bank information hosted on Airbnb guests, so that your money will be landed in your account. It is also very important to check out your local tax laws. Take an account of how much money you owe at the end of the year and put money to the side when tax season comes around. It is better to consult with an advisor if you have any clarification in the process.

Brazil to tax Airbnb rentals ahead of olympics

Brazil is planning to tax home owners who rent properties on online home rental marketplace airbnb. Brazil’s hotel industry complained that airbnb is robbing its business and some hotel owners who already subject to room taxes will welcome the move as an entry level to the playing field.

The Brazilian ministry of tourism is now considering the possibility to further tax the activities of “shared economy accommodation services “in Brazil. Brazil’s tourism authority Viniscus Lummerts, seems to agree with such tax.

In United States, Airbnb is collecting a dozen taxes including 14 percent added to online reservation to San Francisco and Washington D.C.Even Paris and Amsterdam decided to levy taxes to airbnb. In Brazil, the proposed tax would have to go before the congress, which must approve any changes in taxation.

The head of tourism agency Embratur,vinicius Lummertz talked with Airbnb and hotel industry executives about the proposal to levy tax on registered renters. The type of tax, its type and whether it will be collected by the federal government or state government have not yet been decided but it is a fair tax which will not cause any problem to the business or to the customers. The tax problem arise as an angry dispute between the Brazilian taxi drivers and online ride sharing service Uber which leads to the ban of unregulated business. Information from various features says that Airbnb is open to taxation because it wants some solid position in the Brazilian economy.

Airbnb’s renting British castles for affordable prices

There are even more good options with Airbnb services now. You can rent breathtaking British castles! How exciting is that? People can choose the royal castles to spend time alongside lavish green landscapes, beautiful windmills and so on. We can now enjoy the royal treatment that was once meant only for superstars and celebrities. So it’s time to wear our invisible crowns and feel like kings and queens! Seven incredible castles that just cost less than $200 are listed below.

1. Butley Priory

This castle just cost around $47 a night; I mean how cool is that? You get to live your dreams once; so do not miss this out folks!

2. Historic English castle

This is a typical medieval fairytale castle that has a beautiful gothic touch to it. It has lovely four-poster beds and classic stained glass windows. You would definitely feel the royal highness vibes in this gorgeous castle. And surprisingly, all for just $120 a night!

3. Regency country house and estate

This is not a typical castle, but it’s worth your every penny. It has a heated swimming pool and a hot sauna tub. You would not hesitate to pay less than $100 a night per room!

4. Balvaird Apartment at Scone Palace

The kings of Scots got crowned here; Macbeth was also crowned in this castle! You can also get to enjoy the 100 acres of ground and no-so-boring guided trip of the entire palace. To experience this grandness, you should be ready to shed only $100 off your pocket!

5. Dairsie Castle

This castle has impressed many British kings, so it will definitely not fail in impressing you! You will just have to lay back and enjoy the royal treatment. It would cost up to $750 for 13 guests!

6. Melville Castle

Mary Queen of Scots did all her hunting here; the castle has classic 32 bedrooms that would not fail to impress you. A night here will only cost you $120. It’s worth your every penny!

7. Historic Craster Tower

The castle dates back to 14th century, it has a breathtaking chandelier as a center piece and many fire places that would give you the so called “luxury feel”. It would only cost $250 for 8 people a night. It’s big fat yes to me!